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claim and reason: experience or imagniation

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Chaotic in conception but not in execution, Kelly's canvases are as neat as the | argument: oil demand increase
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claim and reason: experience or imagniation #1 (permalink) Fri Nov 06, 2015 9:57 am   claim and reason: experience or imagniation

I would be grateful for correction to my essay for GRE ISSUE task.
Claim: Imagination is a more valuable asset than experience.
Reason: People who lack experience are free to imagine what is possible without the constraints of established habits and attitudes.

The author claims that the mind’s ability to imagine is a more precious trait than experience. The writer further reasons that experience prompt people to be biased when they want to imagine. As result, people those who have not enough experience are more free to imagine without any former background. In what follows first I discuss my response to the claim and then explain what I think of the reason on which the claim is based.
The important point that is worth bearing in mind about the claim is that comparing imagination with experience in such a general way is not a wise approach. There are a myriad of conditions and situations that in each one people need one of them more than the other or both together. For instance, when one faces a trouble in his/her social relations other people who are seasoned and have experience in such an issue could help him/her. We can witness that in such conditions imagination is less important and experience could have more benefit for people. However, in some other conditions imagination could play an important role. For example, when a scientist wants to propose a new method in solving a problem he needs to imagine many aspects of that method. It goes without saying that when you are going to think about a new subject you are more dependent on imagination than experience because there is no enough former experience in that issue.
The writer of the issue mentions in his/her reason that experience could adversely affect the imagination, for when one starts to imagine one’s experience will direct his way of thinking. Consequently, one who has less experience could imagine better without the limits that experience causes. Perhaps in some conditions it could be true but it would be fair to say that sometimes experience could improve the result of an imagination and make it more similar to reality. In some situations, not only does experience not have improper influence on imagination, but also it could bring more satisfaction with the result of an imagination. Subsequently, effects of experience on imagination, in some cases, is suitable and in some others not.
To make a long history short, all the aforementioned reasons and examples lead us to the conclusion that comparing imagination and experience is highly depends on the factors and characteristics of a situation or subject. In addition, referring to experience when people want to imagine could have merits and demerits and they should consciously be aware of the influence of experience on their imagination.
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Chaotic in conception but not in execution, Kelly's canvases are as neat as the | argument: oil demand increase
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