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attempt to do/doing

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attempt to do/doing #1 (permalink) Mon Nov 20, 2017 15:05 pm   attempt to do/doing

Hello everyone!

1) "He is going to attempt skydiving with no parachute."
2) "He is going to attempt to skydive with no parachute."

Which one is grammatically correct or are both of them correct?

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attempt to do/doing #2 (permalink) Tue Nov 21, 2017 10:46 am   attempt to do/doing

Both are correct.

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attempt to do/doing #3 (permalink) Wed Nov 22, 2017 20:43 pm   attempt to do/doing

There is a little difference between the two although both are correct. Attempt/try doing something suggests you do this as an experiment as in - She attempted/tried swimming to improve her health. Attempt/try to do something suggests that you make an effort to do something that can be hard as in - She attempted/tried to learn Chinese but found it too difficult.

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attempt to do/doing #4 (permalink) Wed Nov 29, 2017 19:45 pm   attempt to do/doing

As I may have said earlier, the gerundial construction suggests a general performance of an activity while the infinitival a particular one as in: I like swimming but I do not like to swim here.
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attempt to do/doing #5 (permalink) Fri Dec 01, 2017 15:36 pm   attempt to do/doing

"She attempted/tried to swim to improve her health."
Is this sentence OK?
Please comment. Thanks.
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the reason for "the" in "the east" | ...order that the court is/be to do...
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