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College addmission

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College addmission #1 (permalink) Fri Dec 10, 2004 19:51 pm   College addmission

will this site help me prepare for addmissions testing for college (algonquin). If not can you direct me to where i can get ready for the english part of the addmissions testing for college.


College admission #2 (permalink) Fri Dec 10, 2004 20:09 pm   College admission

Hi Manda,

Do you really think a website can prepare you for anything? Wouldn't you agree that you can only prepare for the college admission (please, note spelling) test yourself? What we can do is give you advice and provide you with training tools such as our interactive GMAT vocabulary tests:

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College addmission #3 (permalink) Thu Feb 03, 2011 22:33 pm   College addmission

I don't think this site is necessarily adequate preparation for a section on an exam. However, you can explore different forum topics and areas on here to get tips based on experience and expertise advice. These can help you better prepare for the exam, but more hands on practice will definitely be beneficial! Good luck!
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College addmission #4 (permalink) Sat Jun 02, 2012 8:30 am   College addmission

please how can i write an online TOEFLE exam. Also i wish someone could help my gain a university admission abroad on scholarship or at low tuition. I would be very thankfull.
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