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tranquility; silence; noiselessness; stillness
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GRE® vocabulary tests

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GRE Practice tests Increase your GRE test score with
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GRE vocabulary tests #31 (permalink) Mon Aug 03, 2009 7:17 am   GRE vocabulary tests

I have been using this site and I highly recommend all my fellow aspirants. The testimonials on the site are quiet encouraging

Tim R. (GRE 1520)

"After my first two attempts at the GRE, I was
really desperate!!! I was consistently scoring
above 1400 in the Practice tests, but
somehow never got beyond 1200 during the
actual exam.
And then I heard of the 'Ways of the GRE
Winners' through a friend.
That I must say was the end of my misery!!
Applying the strategies and the mental
training in this book, I came out with flying
colors and got into the college of my choice."

Check it at

Good Luck!
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GRE vocabulary tests #32 (permalink) Thu Sep 10, 2009 10:15 am   GRE vocabulary tests

Hi Torsten sir!
Thank you so much I gain a lot of vocab from your test.
I'm preparing for GRE and I can practice a lot here.
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Prefix- might help you #33 (permalink) Mon Oct 05, 2009 0:51 am   Prefix- might help you

a, an- without, not -asexual, amoral, anarchy, anhydrous, Anabaptist, anachronism
ab, abs, a- apart, away from- abnormal, abduct, abductor (muscle), abscission .
acro- high, tip, top, acrobat, acrophobia, acromegaly
See ad in Prefixes,
ad –to, toward- adhere, adductor (muscle) . See ab in Prefixes section), adumbrate
agere –act-agent, agency, agenda
alt- high- altitude, altimiter, altocumulus
ambul- to walk- ambulatory, amble, somnambulist
amphi, ambi -round, both sides -amphitheater, amphibian, ambidextrous, ambivalent
ante –before-antedate, anteroom, antecedent, anterior
anti, ant- against, opposite, antisocial, antibody, antidepressant
anthro –man-anthropology, anthropomorphic
anti -against -antipathy, antitank, anticlimax
aqua –water-aquarium, aqueous
archaios -ancient -archeology, archetype, archaic, archeozoic
archos -leader, first, chief -monarchy, oligarchy, anarchy, archetype, architect
audio -hear -audiophile, audiometer, auditory
auto –self-automatic, automaton, auto-immune
be- thoroughly- bedecked, besmirch, begrudge
bell- war- belligerent, antebellum, rebel
bene -well, favorable-benefit, benevolent, benefactor, beneficent
bi -two -bi-partisan, bisexual, biennial, binary, bicuspid, bivalve
bible –book-bibliography, Bible, bibliophile
bio –life-biology, biography, bio-active
caco –Bad-cacophony
cede, ceed, cess- to go, to yield, succeed, proceed, receded
chron- time- chronology, chronmeter
cide, cis –kill, to cut-homicide, parricide, germicidal, ecocide, suicide, excision, concise
circum --around -circumference, circumlocution, circumnavigate
clud, clus claus- to close- include, exclude, claustrophobia, reclusive
con, com- with, together- convene, compress, contemporary, confluence, combine
constitutus -stand -constitution, statute
contra, counter- against, opposite- contradict, contray, contraband
corpus -body -corpse, corporeal punishment, corpus callosum
cracy –rule-democracy, theocrat, technocracy
credo –belief-credit, (see also roots section)
commun- to share- commune, communism, communication
cycl-circle, wheel- bicycle, cyclical, motorcycle, tricycle
de- from, down, away- detach, deploy, derail, deice
demos –people-democracy, demographic
dei, div- God- divinity, divine, deify
di -two, double-dimorphism, dicotyledon, diatomic
dia -across, through-diagonal, dialectic, dialogue, diagnosis
dict-speak- predict, verdict, dictionary, dictate, indict
dis, dys, dif –away, not, negative- dismiss, distemper, disperse, disinherit, disenfranchise, distend
dominus -lord -dominant, dominion
duc, duct- to lead, pull, produce, abduct, transducer, induct
dyn, dyna- power- dynamic, heterodyne, dynasty
dynasthai -be able -dynamic, dynamo, dynasty, dynamite
ecto- outside, external- ectomorph, ectopic, ectoderm, ectothermal
ego -I, self-ego, egomaniac, egocentric,
endo- inside, with in- endotoxin, endogenous
epi -upon, over-epidermis, epidemic, epigram, epitaph, epithet, epiphyte, epistasis, epinephrine, epiphysis
equi- equal- equidistant, equilibrium, equator
e, ex –out, away from -exotic, exterior, extraneous, extemporaneous, exophalmic, exogenous, exothermic, exoskeleton, emit, explusion, exceed
exter, extra- outside of- external, extraordinary, extraneous, extreme
federis (see also Roots section)-league, pact-federation, confederate
flu, flux- flow- effluence, influence, fluctuate, confluence
flect, flex- to bend- flexible, reflection, circumflex
frater -brother -fraternize, fraternity, fraternal, fratricide
geo –earth-geology, geography, geocentric, geomancy
graph (see also Roots section) -write, record -graphic, graphite, graphology,
hetero -mixed, unlike-heterogeneous, heterosexual, heterodox, heterodont, hetero atom, heterocyclic, heterozygous,
homo -same, alike-homogeneous, homogenized, homozygous, homolytic fission, Homo sapiens, homonid, homeostasis
hyper-over, above- hyperactive, hyperventilate, hypertext
hypo- below, less than- hypotension, hypoglycemia, hypothermia
idem -the same -identity, idiopathic, I, individual
ideo -idea -ideology, ideation, ideal
idios -one's own-idiom, idiosyncrasy, idiopathic
in –in-incarcerate, incorporate, inculcate, induction, inductance, indigenous, indicator, inspiration
in, im -not -incredible, ignoble, inglorious, inhospitable, infinite, infinitesimal, immoral
infra- beneath- infrared, infrastructure
inter, intro –between-interact, interstellar, interpret, interstitial
intra- within, into- intrapersonal, intramural, intramuscular
jac, ject, to throw- reject, eject, project, interject
legis (lex) -law -legal, legislature
lexis –word-lexicon, lexicography
liber -free, book-liberty, library, liberal
locus –place-locality, local, circumlocution
macro –large-macroeconomics, macroscopic, macrophage
mal- bad, badly- malformation, dismal, malfunction
mania (see Roots section also)-obsession-maniac, Beatlemania
mega- great, million- megabyte, megaphone
meso- middle- mesomorph, mesosphere
meta- beyond, change- metaphor, metabolism, metainformation
meter (see Roots section also) –measure-metronome, speedometer, odometer
micro -small -microscope, micron, micrometer, microorganism
mis- bad- misinform, mispronounciate, mistake
mittere, mitto (see Roots section also) -send -mission, transmit, remit
mono -one, single-monocle, monopoly, monogamy, monovalent, monomania, monarchy
morph- shape- metamorphosis, morpheme, amorphous
mortis –death-mortician, mortuary, moribund, morbid
multi- many- multitude, multifaceted, multimedia
neo- new- neonate, neophyte
non- not- nonferrous, nonprofit, nonsense
nomen –name-noble, ignominy, nomenclature, nominal
olig –few-oligarchy, oligopoly
omni- all- omnivore, omniscient, omnibus
para- beside- paraphrase, parallel, comparision
pater –father-paternal, paternity, patricide
ped (see Roots section also) –foot-pedestrian, pedal, pedicure, podiatrist
per- through, intensive- permit, persuade, permit, perform
peri –around-peripatetic, periscope, perineum, peritoneum
phage (see Roots section also)-eat-phagocyte, phagocytosis
philo –love-philosophy, philanthropy
phobos (see Roots section)-fear
phon (see Roots section) –sound-telephone, phonics, phonetically
phot- light- photograph, photon
polein –sell-monopoly
polis (see Roots section also)-city-political, metropolitan
poly (see Roots section also) -many -polygamy, polyphonic, hoi polloi
porto –carry-porter, export
post –after-post script (p.s.), ex post facto, post hoc, post-mortem
pre –before-premier, preview, premium, prescient
pro -before, in favor of-project, projectile,
psyche -mind, soul-psychology
publicus –people-public, republic, pub, publican
re- back, again- report, retort, rebuke, reluctant
retro- backward- retrorocket, retrogression
riparia –river-riparian
sanct- holy- sanctify, sanctuary
scribe-, script- to write- inscription, manuscript, prescribtion
scope –examine-microscope, oscilloscope
scribo (see Roots section also)-write-transcribe, scribe, script
sect, sec- cut- intersect, section, transect
semi- half- semiconcous, semiconductor, semiprofessional
spect- to look- inspect, retrospect, speculate
solus –alone-solo, solitary
subter -under, secret-subterfuge, subtle, subaltern, subterranean
super, supra- above- superior, superme, supernatural, superficial
syn, sin (sys before b, p, or m)-together, with-synchronize, symphony, sympathy, syncretic, syncope
tele –distance-telegraph, telephone, teleology
therm, thermo- heat- thermal, thermodynamics, thermometer
tract- to drag, draw- attract,m tractor, retract, contract
trans –across-transport, transcend, transmogrify
un- not- unlikely, unimaginative, unquestionable
utilis –useful-utility, utilitarian
veh, vect- to carry- vector, vehicle, vehement
vert, vers- to turn- convert, revert, introvert, vertigo
vide, visibil, vis- see- video, vision, visible
vita- life- vitality, vitamin
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Some vocabs courtesy of #34 (permalink) Mon Oct 05, 2009 0:57 am   Some vocabs courtesy of

Abdicate - To step down from a position of Power
Abridge - To shorten, condense or lessen in length
Absolve - to forgive or free from blame
Abysmal - extremely wretched, bottomless
Acquiesce - to comply passively, to give in
Advocate - to support, or be in favor of
Aesthetic - concerned with or appreciative of beauty
Affinity - sympathy, attraction, kinship
Agenda - Program, things to be done
Aggrandize - to make great
Allusion - an indirect reference
Altruistic - unselfish concern with the welfare of others
Amnesty - an official pardon for a group of people who violate a law
Animosity - ill will, active dislike
Anomalous - irregular, abnormal, unusual
Arduous - difficult to do, laborious
Augment - to increase or enlarge
Austere - stern in manner or appearance, strict in morals
Aversion - strong or fixed dislike, a feeling of repugnance
Banal - commonplace, trite, unoriginal
Baroque - extravagantly ornate, flamboyant, characterized by bold ornamentation
Begrudge - to envy another’s possessions, to concede reluctantly
Benediction - a blessing, a good wish
Benign - gentle, not harmful, kind
Blanch - to turn pale
Blithe - happily, lighthearted, joyful
Botch - to bungle, to foul up
Bracing - invigorating, to prepare
Broach - to open up a subject for discussion
Buffoon - clown or fool
Bulwark - something used as a defense, a strong protection
Cache - a hiding place, something hidden in a secret place
Callous - unfeeling and insensitive
Candor - truthfulness, great honesty, frankness
Capitulate - to surrender, to stop resisting
Catharsis - an emotional purification, an emotional release
Caustic - biting in humor
Censure - the act of blaming or condemning
Chastise - to criticize severely
Chronic - constant, lasting a long time
Circumspect - careful, thought through
Clemency - disposition towards mercy, mildness
Clique - an exclusive group
Coalesce - to come together as one, to fuse or unite
Coherent - making sense, organize and logical
Colloquial - conversational, used in informal speech
Compatible - able to get along well
Convey - to transport, to conduct, to communicate
Conviction - determination, a state of being convinced
Copious - abundant, lavish
Corroborate - to support with evidence
Craven - cowardly
Criterion - standard for judging
Cursory - brief, without much attention to detail
Dearth - a shortage
Deference - respect, courtesy
Deft - skillful
Delineate - to describe or picture in words, to detail
Delude - to deceive, to have false illusion
Depravity - moral corruption
Depreciate - to lessen in value, to belittle
Desecrate - to treat with disrespect
Destitute - very poor, totally lacking
Diatribe - a denunciation, a biting speech
Didactic - instructive, intended to educate
Diffuse - wordy, not concentrated, to spread widely
Digress - to stray from the main subject
Discerning - keenly perceptive, shrewd
Discount - to deduct, to disregard
Diva - an opera singer, prima donna, a tempermental, conceited person
Docile - easily tought, submissive
Dogmatic - arrogantly assertive, positive about unproven ideas
Dormant - as though asleep, not actively growing
Dupe - to deceive, to trick
Ebb - to decline, to recede
Eccentric - nonconventional, a little kooky
Eclectic - drawn from many sources
Efface - to erase, to rub away the features, to obscure
Egocentric - self-involved, selfish
Egregious - extremely bad, flagrant
Elucidate - to make clear
Embellish - to add to, to exaggerate, garnish, ornament
Emigrate - to move to a new country, to move to a new place
Emissary - a messenger or representative, an agent
Emulate - to imitate, to strive to equal
Engaging - charming, interesting
Enigma - a puzzle, a baffling situation, something obscure
Enshroud - to cover, to enclose with a dark cover
Esoteric - understood by only a few
Eulogize - to speak in praise of someone, to pay written or spoken tribute
Exacerbate - to make worse or more severe
Exacting - greatly demanding, requiring close attention
Exalt - to raise high, to glorify
Exorbitant - extravagant, exceeding what is usual
Expedite - to make faster or easier, to carry out promptly
Explicit - clearly stated, precisely shown
Expunge - to erase, to strike out
Extol - to praise highly
Façade - the principal front of a building, a false appearance
Faction - a group, or part of large group, united on an issue
Fallacy - false idea, mistaken belief, an implausible argument
Fawning - to show excessive affection, to be overly flattering in return for favor
Feign - to pretend, give a false impression, to invent falsely
Fidelity - a state of being faithful, loyal
Finesse - delicacy of workmanship, subtlety, skillful maneuvering
Fledgling - a young bird learning to fly, a beginner, a novice
Flourish - to grow strong, to grow abundantly, to thrive or prosper
Fluke - a chance event, a coincidence, a stroke of luck
Fodder - raw material for a given end
Foray - an initial venture, to raid in search of plunder
Forfeit - to give up something as a penalty for some error or crime
Fortuitous - happening by chance, lucky fortunate
Furtive - secret, done by stealth, sly
Futile - useless, hopeless, without effect
Galvanize - to arouse suddenly, to stimulate, spur to action
Gamut - the full range of something
Garner - to gather and store away, to acquire by effort
Genteel - refined, polite, aristocratic
Gratuitous - freely given, unnecessary, uncalled for, unwarranted
Gravity - seriousness
Grimace - to make an ugly disapproving facial expression
Grovel - to beg persistently, to degrade oneself
Guile - cunning duplicity, purposeful deceit
Guise - an external appearance
Gullible - easily deceived
Harbinger - a precursor, an indication, one that foreshadows what is coming
Herald - to give notice of, to hail or greet
Heresy - any belief that is strongly opposed to established beliefs, or practice
Hiatus - a break or interruption from work or any other established routine
Homage - reverence, respect, an expression of high regard
Homogeneous - similar, of the same kind, uniform in nature
Hubris - excessive pride, arrogance, exaggerated self-confidence
Hyperbole - extravagant exaggeration used as a figure of speech
Immaterial - insignificant, unimportant
Imminent - about to occur, hanging threatening over one’s head
Immutable - something that is unchangeable, permanent
Imperious - commanding, lordly, arrogant
Impotent - lacking power, helpless, unable to perform sexual intercourse
Incessant - unceasing, never ending, flowing without interruption
Incipient - beginning to be, in an early stage
Incontrovertible- not disputable, not open to question
Indigenous - native, produced or living in a particular area
Indigent - poverty stricken, needy
Inept - clumsy, awkward, incompetent
Infamy - an evil reputation borne of a criminal act, a reputation for evildeeds
Inhibit - to keep from free activity or expression, to restrain or even forbid
Insidious - sly, treacherous, having a gradual effect
Insipid - lacking taste, dull, bland
Intrepid - fearless, having fortitude and endurance
Irreverent - disrespectful, gently or humorously mocking
Jargon - a specialized vocabulary of a group, an obscure language
Jaunt - a short pleasure trip
Jeopardy - exposure to danger, peril
Judicious - wise, showing judgment, cautious
Junction - a place of meeting or joining, a linkup
Juxtapose - to place side by side
Karma - a good or bad emanation of force from someone or something
Laconic - brief in speech, using very few words
Lament - to mourn, to express regret
Latent - present but not visible or apparent, dormant, potential
Laud - to praise, to applaud, to extol
Lax - careless, too relaxed
Legacy - something handed down from the past , a bequest
Levity - lack of seriousness, frivolity
Liaison - connection between different groups, a close bond
Listless - a lack of energy, spiritless
Lucid - clear, easily understood
Luminous - glowing, bright, emitting light
Magnanimous - noble in spirit, generous, giving
Malaise - a feeling of depression, uneasiness, of being unwell
Manifest - to make evident by showing
Marshal - to gather together something for a purpose, to arrange in order
Martyr - one who suffers for a cause, a person who sacrifices for a principle
Maverick - a person who breaks away from the crowd, a non conformist
Meander - to wander aimlessly
Mercenary - a person who serves only for money, motivated by greed
Moot - of no matter or consequence, not important
Morose - gloomy, bad tempered, a sullen disposition
Myriad - an immense indefinite number, multitude
Negligent - careless, remiss
Nemesis - a powerful river, a usually unconquerable opponent
Nomadic - without a permanent home, constantly wandering
Nominal - insignificant, trifling
Novel - new, original
Nuance - a subtle distinction, a slight difference in definition
Nullify - to repeal, cancel, render void
Obliterate - to blot out leaving no traces, to destroy
Obscure - unclear, vague partially hidden, hard to understand
Obviate - to make unnecessary, to avert, to preclude
Odious - hateful, evil, vile
Odyssey - a long difficult journey marked by changes in fortune
Ogle - to stare at in a disrespectful way
Oligarchy - a government in which the power is in the hand of only a few
Opaque - difficult to see through, unclear, dark
Opportunist - a person who takes advantage of opportunity with no regard for principle
Osmosis - gradual or subtle absorption, an unconscious process of absorption
Oust - to eject, to banish, to expel
Overture - an opening move, a preliminary offer
Palatable - pleasant to the taste, agreeable in feeling
Paltry - a tiny or insignificant amount, meager, scant
Pariah - an outcast
Partition - a dividing wall, a division
Paucity - scarcity, smallness in number or amount
Pedantic - boringly, scholarly, academic in mode
Penchant - a strong like for something, a predilection
Permeate - to spread or seep through, to penetrate, to pervade
Peruse - to study, to read over leisurely
Philanthropy - good will towards all people, love of mankind, and act of generosity
Pious - reverent, devout, dutiful, may at times be marked by hypocrisy
Pique - to hurt or rile the feelings of someone, irritate
Pivotal - crucial, something around which things turn
Placate - to soothe, to appease with concessions
Plausible - believable
Poignant - emotionally moving
Polemic - a powerful argument to defend a thesis
Precept - a rule or principle to guide conduct
Preclude - to make impossible, to shut out, to bar
Pretentious - showy, self-important, make unjustifiable claims to excellence
Prolific - marked by abundant production or offspring
Prosaic - dull, unimaginative, lacking excitement
Provincial - limited in outlook, narrow in ideas
Prudent - careful, cautious
Quaint - pleasantly old-fashioned, picturesque
Quell - to put an end to, to squelch, to calm
Quintessential - the most perfect example of
Quixotic – foolishly impractical and idealistic
Raucous - boisterous, harsh sounding, noisy and disorderly
Rebuff - to snub, to refuse in a blunt or rude way
Rebuke - to criticize or reprimand sharply
Reciprocal - mutual, shared, interchangeable
Relegate - to dismiss to a less prominent position, to banish
Relic - an object associated with a saint, something that remains from the past
Replenish - to refill, to supply once more
Reprehensible - deserving of blame
Reprove - to gently criticize
Rescind - to cancel, to repeal
Resilient - an ability to recover from, or adjust easily
Respite - an interval of rest, a temporary delay
Resplendent - brilliant, gloriously bright
Robust - strong and healthy, vigorous
Rustic - primitive, rural, lacking city comforts
Saccharine - excessively sweet
Sardonic - disdainful, scornfully mocking
Scanty - minimal, hardly sufficient
Scintillate - to sparkle, to gleam, to be animated or brilliant
Servile - submissive, behaving like a slave
Sloth - sluggish, laziness, indolence
Spurious - false, fake, not genuine
Stagnate - to lie inactive, to stay in one place
Static - stationary, not changing or moving
Steadfast - loyal, faithful
Stoic - showing indifference to pain, apathetic
Stratagem - a trick or deceptive scheme
Strident - loud, harsh, grating
Stymie - to get in the way of, to hinder, to block
Succinct - concise, clearly expressed with a few words
Surfeit - abundance, excessive amount
Surmise - abundance, excessive amount
Table - to remove from consideration
Tedious - boring, tiresome
Teem - to swarm, to be inundated, to become full to overflowing
Temperance - habitual moderation, the avoidance of excess
Tenet - a principle, doctrine or belief held as so by a group
Tentative - uncertain, temporary not fully worked out
Tenuous - flimsy,
Tepid - lukewarm, unenthusiastic, halfhearted
Terse - concise, brief, free of extra word
Theology - the study of God or religion
Thwart - to prevent from being accomplished, to frustrate, to hinder
Tirade - a long and angry speech
Tonic - a refreshing drink, something that invigorates
Tortuous - winding, twisting, full of curves
Tout - to brag publicly, to praise highly
Transfix - to cause to stand motionless with awe or other intense emotion
Travesty - a parody, an imitation that makes crude fun of something
Trite - unoriginal, overused, clichéd, commonplace
Trivial - unimportant, insignificant
Tryst - a secret meeting of lovers
Tumult - noisy commotion, uproar
Turpitude - shameful wickedness, evil, depravity
Undermine - to weaken the support of, to injure in a slow or sneaky way
Unilateral - on one side alone
Urbane - suave, sophisticated, polished
Usurp - to size wrongfully
Vapid - tasteless, dull
Vehement - intense, forceful marked by strong feeling
Verbose - wordy
Vestige - the remains of something that no longer exists
Viable - workable, capable of living and growing, able to succeed
VIE - to complete, to contest
Vilify - to defame, to slander, to blacken the character of
Virulent - extremely poisonous, malignant, full of hate
Vivacious - lively, spirited
Volatile - explosive, tend to burn quickly
Wanton - immoral, lewd, deliberate maliciousness, having no regards for others
Waver - to be indecisive or inconstant, to fluctuate in opinion
Winsome - charming, sweetly engaging
Wistful - yearning, sad longing, a gentle desire
Zealot - a person with great enthusiasm for and commitment to a cause
Zenith - the highest point
Abeyance - a temporary suspension of activity
Abrogate - to repeal, to set aside, to nullify
Abscond - to leave quickly and secretively
Abstinence - voluntarily refraining from eating certain foods or drink
Abstruse - hard to understand or grasp
Accolade - award or honor, high praise
Accouterments - personal clothing, accessories, or equipment
Acquit - to find not guilty, to conduct oneself
Adjure - to command or urge solemnly and earnestly
Adumbrate - to suggest partly, to give a hint of things to come
Aegis - protection, patronage
Aggrieve - to distress, to mistreat
Akimbo - having one’s hands in a bent position on the hips,
Alacrity - cheerful readiness, liveliness or eagerness
Alchemy - a process of transformation that is seemingly magical
Ambulatory - able to walk or move about
Ameliorate - to make better, to ease or improve
Anathema - something or someone loathed or intensely dislike
Ancillary - subsidiary, subordinate
Anomie - instability caused by an erosion of value or lack of purpose
Antipodal - situated on opposite side of the earth or being exactly opposite
Apocryphal - false, spurious, of doubtful origin
Apoplexy - a stroke resulting from loss of blood of the brain,
Apostasy - a judge, one who decides
Ascetic - hermitlike, self-denial, austere
Assiduous - hardworking, busy, diligent
Assignation - a secret meeting, a tryst, or something assigned
Bacchanal - a drunken reveler or orgy
Bandy - to toss and forth, to exchange, to use in a glib way
Bathos - a transition from the illustrious to the commonplace, overdone pathos,
Behemoth - something that is enormous, or monstrous in size and power
Belie - to run counter to, to show something as false
Besmirch - to stain or soil ( commonly as to reputation )
Bilious - ill-tempered, cranky, angry
Bivouac - a temporary encampment
Bon Vivant - someone who enjoys luxurious living
Bowdlerize - to censor prudishly
Brook - to tolerate, to put up with something
Bumptious - pushy, conceited, noisily self-assertive
Byzantine - extremely intricate or complicated in structure
Cabal - a secret group of conspirators, a clique
Cachet - a mark of distinction, a quality that “says” prestige
Calumny - slander, deliberate false statements
Capricious - whimsical, fanciful, impulsive
Castigate - to punish, chastise, criticize severely
Cataclysm - a violent upheaval, an earthquake, a flood
Cavil - to quibble, to raise trivial objections
Chary - careful, cautious, wary
Chicanery - deception or trickery
Chimerical - wildly fanciful, absurd
Circumlocution - wordy language, an indirect, roundabout expression
Clout - influence, a forceful blow
Cogitate - to ponder over, to mediate, to think
Comport - to behave
Compunction - remorse, feeling uneasy after having done something
Concomitant - accompanying, attending, going along with
Conflagration - a large, disastrous fire
Contentious - argumentative over a point, quarrelsome
Cortege - a procession, a group of attendants
Coterie - an intimate group of people with a common interest
Covet - to wish for with envy
Debacle - a disaster or violent breakdown
Decimate - to kill or destroy a large part of
Deleterious - harmful
Depredate - to prey upon, to plunder with violence if necessary
Descry - to discern, to see something, to teach sight of
Desiccate - to dry out
Dichotomy - division into two often contradictory parts
Dilettante - a dabbler, someone with a superficial knowledge (usually of the arts)
Discomfit - to confuse, deceive
Disquiet - to make uneasy
Dissipate - to break up, to squander, to indulge excessively in sensual pleasure
Diurnal - occurring during the day, happens everyday
Doff - to take off (usually clothing) as a sign of greeting
Doggerel - comic, sometimes crude, informal verse
Dossier - a file of documents, letters and records
Draconian - severe, exceedingly harsh
Dulcet - having a nice, agreeable, melodious sound
Effete - exhausted, lost vitality, over refined
Élan - vigor, distinctive, elegant style
Elliptical - oval, obscure in expression
Encomium - a eulogy or expression of high praise
Endemic - native, belonging to a specific region
Enervate - to weaken, to sap the strength
Ennui - boredom, listlessness, lack of interest
Ensconce - to settle in snugly, to hide in a secure place
Ersatz - an inferior substitute
Erudite - scholarly, deeply learned, well read
Espy - to glimpse, to descry, to catch sight of
Ethnocentric - the belief in the superiority of one’s race or ethnic group
Evanescent - vanishing, happening for the briefest moment
Exemplar - an excellent model, a typical example
Exigent - urgent, demands prompt action
Extirpate - to rip up by the roots, to abolish, to annihilate
Facetious - humorous, joking in a somewhat inappropriate or clumsy manner
Fauna - animals
Feckless - lacking responsibility, ineffective
Fecund - fertile, productive, fruitful
Feral - wild, like a wild animal, savage
Fetter - to impede, restrain, hamper
Fey - otherworldly, magical, “touched”
Flagellate - to whip, or to punish as if by whipping
Foment - to stir up, to incite
Forswear - retract, renounce or recant
Fusillade - a rapid outburst, spray of gunfire
Gainsay - to deny, to speak or act against
Gamin - a street urchin, a slim girl with an impish charm
Garrulous - talkative
Gerrymander - to divide into election districts to gain political advantage
Gestalt - a structure, whose parts cannot stand alone
Gesticulate - to gesture, especially when speaking
Gird - to invest with authority, to brace
Halitosis - bad breath
Hidebound - excessively rigid, dry and stiff, inflexible
Histrionic - overly dramatic, theatrical, deliberately affected
Hoary - gray or white with age, ancient, stale
Homeopathy - a system of natural healing
Husbandry - the judicious used of resources, livestock farming
Ignominious - disgraceful and dishonorable
Imbroglio - a difficult and confused situation, a complicated disagreement
Impecunious - without money, penniless
Impervious - does not allow something to pass through, impenetrable
Impugn - to attack the integrity of something
Implacable - not capable of being appeased or mollified
Inchoate - just beginning, not organized or orderly, incomplete
Iniquitous - evil, unjust
Insouciant - nonchalant, lighthearted, unconcerned
Interregnum - the period between two successive governments,
Intransigent - uncompromising, stubborn
Inveterate - habitual, deeply rooted or established
Irascible - hot-tempered, cranky
Itinerant - moving from place to place
Juggernaut - a massive, unstoppable object
Junta - a small group that rules a country after a coup d’etat
Largess - a generous giving of gifts, philanthropy
Lassitude - a weariness, listlessness, a state of lethargy
Leitmotif - a dominant or recurring theme or emotion
Levee - an embankment designed to prevent a river from flooding
Libation - a pouring of a liquid for a religious ceremony, a drink
Libidinous - lustful, lascivious
Lope - to run at steady, easy pace
Macerate - to soften by soaking, to cause to waste away
Machination - scheming activity foe an evil purpose
Malapropism - the humorous misuse of a word that sound very much like the word intended
Malfeasance - an illegal act especially by a public official
Martinet - one who adheres strictly to rules
Matriculate - to enroll, most particularly in college
Maudlin - overly sentimental
Mellifluous - sweetly flowing
Mendacious - dishonest, deceitful
Mercurial - emotionally unpredictable, give to rapid changes in mood
Miasma - a poisonous swamp vapor, a harmful influence or atmosphere
Milieu - environment, surroundings
Mirthful - merry, gleeful
Mordant - bitingly sarcastic, incisive, caustic in manner
Moribund - being in a dying or decaying condition
Muckrake - to expose political misconduct
Munificent - generous
Myopia - nearsightedness, lacking foresight
Nabob - a wealthy, influential person
Nascent - coming into existence, being born
Neophyte - a beginner, a novice
Nepotism - showing favoritism to friends or family, as in granting positions in jobs or politics
Niggardly - stingy, small in a mean way
Nihilism - the belief that there are no values or morals in the universe,
Nirvana - a blissful, painless state,
Noisome - harmful, unwholesome, stinking, putrid
Nonplus - to bewilder, to puzzle
Obdurate - stubborn
Obsequious - fawning, subservient, servile
Oeuvre - a work of art, the sum of an artist’s work
Officious - unnecessarily helpful, meddlesome, interfering
Omniscient - all knowing, infinite awareness
Omnivorous - eating or absorbing everything, feeding on both animal and vegetable Substances
Onerous - burdensome, oppressive, troublesome
Onus - burden, blame, obligation
Opprobrious - damning, extremely critical, disgraceful
Opus - a creative work, musical composition
Oscillate - to swing back and forth
Ossify - to become rigid, to be come set in one’s ways
Palliate - to hide the seriousness of something with excuses or apologies,
Pallid - lacking color, wan
Panacea - a remedy that cures everything
Panegyric - lofty praise, eulogistic writing
Paradigm - a model or example
Parsimonious - stingy
Patina - surface discoloration caused by age and oxidation,
Patois - a language used by a particular population that differs from standard Speech
Penultimate - next to last
Penury - extreme poverty
Peregrination - an expedition, wandering
Perfidious - faithless, untrustworthy
Perfunctory - careless, unenthusiastic, done merely as duty
Perorate - to make a long, formal speech, to sum up a speech
Perquisite - a privilege or perk that goes along with a job
Perspicacious - shrewd, astute, showing strong powers of discernment
Petulant - cranky, ill tempered, irritable, peevish
Phantasm - an apparition, phantom
Phlegmatic - calm, indifferent, not easily aroused
Piquant - pungent, charmingly provocative
Placebo - a fake medication
Plebeian - common, vulgar, low class
Pluralism - a society in which distinct group function together, but retain their identities
Portent - an omen, a sign of something coming, a foreshadowing
Pregnant - highly significant, overflowing, rich in significance
Prepossess - to cause to be preoccupied, to influence, positively, in advance
Prescient - having foresight
Prevaricate - to deviate from the truth
Privation - lack of comforts, poverty, a state of being deprived
Probity - honesty, uprightness
Profligate - corrupt, degenerate, wildly extravagant
Propinquity - nearness in place or time, kinship
Protean - readily assuming different shapes or characters
Provenance - origin, source, proof of posting ownership
Prowess - exceptional skill or strength, military valor
Prurient - lascivious, have lustful thoughts or desires
Puissance - power, strength
Punctilious - meticulously attentive to detail, exacting
Putrefy - to rot
Quiescence - state of rest or inactivity
Raffish - jaunty, sporty, disreputable, vulgar, characterized by a careless Unconventionality
Rapprochement - a re-establishment of good relations
Rarefied - esoteric, interesting to only a few
Recalcitrant - stubbornly defiant and resistant of authority
Recidivism - the act of repeating an offense
Recondite - hard to understand, abstruse, over one’s head
Redoubtable - formidable, fearsome, deserving of respect
Remuneration - payment, recompense
Repartee - a quick, witty reply, spirited conversation
Reprobate - a morally unprincipled person, a scoundrel
Reticent - restrained, reluctant, uncommunicative
Ribald - vulgar or indecent language
Rife - widespread, abounding, occurring frequently
Rout - to put to flight, to scatter, to cause a huge defeat
Rubric - heading, title, category
Ruminate - to muse upon
Sagacious - wise shrewd
Sallow - a sickly, greenish-yellow tone
Sally - a rushing attack, witty repartee, a brief excursion
Salubrious - favorable to health
Sangfroid - extraordinary composure in the face of danger
Sartorial - relating to dress or fashion
Saturnine - sullen, gloomy, depressed
Savant - a scholar, a very knowledgeable person
Scofflaw - one who is continually breaking the law
Scotch - to put an end to
Secrete - to give off, to conceal
Sententious - preachy, pompous, using wise sayings excessively
Shibboleth - a distinctive word or behavior that typifies a group, a slogan
Simper - to smile foolishly
Sine qua non - something that is an essential condition of
Sinuous - winding, having many curves
Slatternly - squalid, a slovenly woman
Somnolent - drowsy, sleepy
Spate - a sudden outburst
Spelunker - a cave explorer
Stalwart - unwavering, robust, sturdily built
Striated - marked with thin lines or grooves
Sturm and drang - turmoil
Sui generis - unique, of its own kind, in a class by itself
Supercilious - arrogant, overbearing, condescending
Surreptitious - sneaky, secret
Sycophant - a flatterer, a self-serving yes-man
Syllogism - a form oflogic in which major and minor premises are made and a conclusion drawn,
Sylvan - forestlike, wooded
Synergy - the combined force of two distinct elements that is more powerful then each alone
Temerity - boldness, rashness, audacity
Temporize - to compromise, to draw something out in order to gain time
Tendentious - advancing a point of view, biased
Timorous - fearful, easily frightened
Titular - in title only
Tony - fashionable, trendy, aristocratic
Toothsome - tasty, sexually attractive, luscious
Trice - an moment, a short period of time
Truculent - hostile, aggressive, savage
Umbrage - displeasure or resentment, shade
Undulate - to move smoothly in a wavelike manner
Usury - lending money at a high interest rate
Vacuous - empty, lacking intelligence
Vagary - whim, an unpredictable action
Vainglorious - boastful, pompous
Veneer - façade, coating, outward appearance
Venerate - to honor, to worship, to respect
Veracious - truthful, honest
Verdant - covered with green plants, leafy
Vicarious - acting for another, sharing in an experience of another through the Imagination
Viscosity - a thick or sticky consistency of a liquid
Vitriolic - corrosive, biting, bitterly scathing
Wastrel - someone who wastes, a spendthrift
Wizened - shriveled, withered
Wont - custom, habit
Zaftig - full-figured, plump
Zeitgeist - the mood or spirit of the times
Zephyr - a gentle breeze
Ablution - the act of washing one’s body
Abnegate - to deny to oneself, renounce, surrender
Acidulous - sour, ill tempered
Adventitious - accidental
Afflatus - a creative impulse, divine inspiration
Agathism - the belief that things ultimately lead to good
Agnate - from the father’s side of the family
Aleatory - based on chance
Ana - a collection of materials that reflect a person or place
Animus - hostile feeling
Antediluvian - extremely old, antiquated
Antinomy - a contradiction between two seemingly true statements
Aphasia - loss of speech
Aphorism - a wise saying
Arable - suitable for the growing of crops
Arrant - notoriously without moderation, downright
Arriviste - a social climber, an upstart
Aseptic - surgically clean, free of germs
Atrabilious - inclined to melancholy
Bailiwick - a particular area of expertise
Banausic - routine, mechanical, boring
Bellwether - a person who assumes a leadership role or takes initiative
Benison - blessing, benediction
Bibulous - highly absorbent, given to or fond of alcoholic beverages
Bifurcated - forked, divided into two branches
Boondoggle - a useless or valueless project or activity
Bosky - wooded, covered with trees and shrubs
Braggadocio - arrogant pretension, empty conceit
Brummagem - bogus, fraudulent, cheap, showy
Caducity - the frailty of old age, the quality of being perishable transitoriness
Canard - a fabricated story, or sensational report, a hoax
Celerity - haste, swiftness of movement
Centrifugal - proceeding in action away from the center or axle
Claque - an audience paid to clap, an obsequious audience
Clerisy - the intellectual elite
Compendium - a comprehensive summary
Culvert - a sewer or drain
Daedal - ingenious or complex in design
Deciduous - shedding or losing leaves on a particular season, not evergreen
Defalcate - to embezzle
Defenestration - the act of throwing someone or something out a window
Deism - the belief that god created the world and then left it to its own devices
Demimonde - a class of kept women or women of lower social standing,
Denouement - the outcome
Denunciation - open condemnation
Diadem - a crown that indicates royalty
Dolorous - sorrowful
Éclat - a dazzling success, acclaim
Edacious - having an instable appetite, great voracity
Ephemeral - short-lived, transitory
Epicene - having characteristics of both male and female neuter
Escarpment - cliff, a steep slope resulting from erosion
Esculent - edible, suitable for eating
Etiolate - pale and drawn, to make weak by stunting growth
Euthenics - the science of improving the condition of humans by improving their environment
Evanescent - fleeting, vanishing, transient
Evince - to show, reveal
Filial - relating to a son
Forward - contrary, consistently disobedient
Fustian - ridiculously pompous, bombastic, grandiose in delivery
Galoot - a loutish oaf, a clumsy but somewhat likable person
Gemeinschaft - a group with similar tastes, a group bound by similar interests and kinship
Grig - a lively person
Hegira - an escape to avoid danger or to get away from an unpleasant location
Homologate - to confirm officially
Hortative - giving advice or exhortation
Hugger-mugger - a confusion, jumble, muddle
Imago - an adult stage of an insect,
Indeterminate - vague, not known in advance
Indubitable - unquestionable
Ineffable - unutterable, unspeakable
Ineluctable - inescapable, not to be avoided
Inquietude - uneasiness, restlessness
Inured - to become accustomed to something undesirable
Jejune - dull, lacking interest, empty of food
Labile - unstable, adaptable, liable to change
Lachrymose - tearful, mournful
Lambent - radiant, flickering, marked by lightness
Lissome - supple
Luminary - a person of great intellectual, creative or spiritual stature
Lupine - having the characteristics of a wolf
Manqué - a failure to realize one’s aspirations
Manumit - to release from slavery
Matrix - something from which something else originates or takes from
Mélange - a mixture of incongruous elements
Mien - demeanor, the air bearing of a person
Minion - a hanger-on, a follower, an underling
Moue - a pout, usually playful, a little grimace
Mugwump - a person or politician who can’t make up his mind, an independent
Nefandous - unspeakable, unutterable
Nimbus - an atmosphere that surrounds a person or thing, a rain cloud,
Obloquy - strong language of condemnation
Obstreperous - stubbornly defiant, angry and clamorous
offal - the waste parts of a product (often as in a butchered animal), refuse, rubbish
Opine - to express an opinion
Pace - with deference to
Pachyderm - a thick-skinned animal
Paralogism - illogical reasoning of which the reason is not aware
Paroxysm - a fit
Parvenu - an upstart who has acquired wealth and class but hasn’
Pastiche - a piece that imitates or is made up from pieces of other works,
Percipience - keen perception
Perdition - eternal damnation
Plenary - complete, fully attended, not deficient in any way
Pluvial - rainy
Poltroon - a coward
Proscenium - the part of the stage in front of the curtain, the wall frame for the stage
Proselytize - to seek to convert someone to a religion, cause or political position
Pulchritude - physical beauty
Qua - in the capacity of
Quiddity - the real nature of a thing, the essence , a hairsplitting distinction
Quisling - a traitor who helps an enemy who occupies his country
Quotidian - occurring every day, commonplace
Retinue - a group of attendants to an elevated person
Roué - a lecherous man, a rake, a person devoted to sensual pleasures
Saporous - tasty, flavorsome
Satrap - a subordinate ruler
Sciolism - superficial knowledge
Senescence - beginning of old age
Sequacious - slavish, obsequious, following in logical sequence
Serried - crowded together
Serviette - a table napkin
Shantung - a heavy nubby fabric, made of wild silk
Supervene - to follow immediately after, to ensue
Surcease - cessation
Tatterdemalion - a ragged person, always in tatters
Teleology - the study of design or purpose in natural phenomena
Temerarious - recklessly daring, rash
Tenebrous - dark and gloomy
Termagant - a quarrelsome woman, a shrew
Tor - a high rock, a high rocky hill, or pile of rocks
Trilemma - a problem for which there are three possible courses of action, and none perfect
Tumid - swollen, distended, a bulging shape, overblown, bombastic
Ukase - an authoritative decree, official edict
Usufruct - the right to use someone else’s property as long as its not damaged in the process
Vernal - occurring in spring, springlike youthful
Vitiate - to impair the quality of, to corrupt morally
Vituperative - harshly scolding, acrimonious
Votary - a person bound by vows to live a life of religious service
Welter - to write, toss, wallow
Winnow - to blow of, or away, to separate the good from the bad
Wraith - a specter, ghost of a dead person
Ziggurat - a terrace
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GRE vocabulary tests #35 (permalink) Fri Oct 09, 2009 14:43 pm   GRE vocabulary tests

Hi RelativeLogic

Could you elaborate on Cue card? also could you send some relevant weblink for the same?
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GRE vocabulary tests #36 (permalink) Fri Oct 09, 2009 16:05 pm   GRE vocabulary tests

I saw thru a wonderful product flashcards in english language section.... has any one used it in the past? I would like to know the quality of the same.
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The iPhone is also a great tool for that... #37 (permalink) Thu Dec 03, 2009 22:38 pm   The iPhone is also a great tool for that...


Like Ootpataang2, I also find the iPhone to be a great tool for enhancing my vocab when I stand in line in the supermarket, etc.

The app I use the most is WordGlide. Probably the best for such situations

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GRE vocabulary tests #38 (permalink) Tue Nov 16, 2010 6:55 am   GRE vocabulary tests

I think Dranb is pretty good. I didn't take the GRE, but my boyfriend did and he got 720 on verbal. He said that Dranb does not only provide a list of words, but put them into real GRE questions like analogy question. It works out for him anyway. Good luck to you
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GRE vocabulary tests #39 (permalink) Wed Jan 05, 2011 16:47 pm   GRE vocabulary tests

If you want to learn vocabulary with fun and humor while enjoying it !!

Then this blog is a must watch !!!
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GRE vocabulary tests #40 (permalink) Wed Apr 06, 2011 15:11 pm   GRE vocabulary tests

sorry i'm not able to learn it proparly.please helpme
Kanhaiya Lal Choudhary
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GRE vocabulary tests #41 (permalink) Tue May 24, 2011 5:34 am   GRE vocabulary tests

thanks a lot.......
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GRE vocabulary tests #42 (permalink) Fri Sep 23, 2011 16:28 pm   GRE vocabulary tests

great sources...

2 source from me:


good luck...
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GRE vocabulary tests #43 (permalink) Fri Sep 23, 2011 16:29 pm   GRE vocabulary tests

Please read this:

For anyone that has ever had to prepare for taking a college entrance exam, they know just how daunting it can be. There is a lot to know, and much of it comes down to having the vocabulary in place in order to pass the test. Whether you are taking the GRE, SAT, GMAT, or TOEFL, if you have a good vocabulary foundation, then passing the test will be that much easier!

The problem with preparing for tests like the GRE is that you don’t always know exactly what the GRE word list will be. You simply thumb through a dictionary to gather words, hoping your efforts are spent on compiling the right list. That would be time consuming, and there is a good chance that you would not be studying the right ones. Besides, using a book to learn the words is usually not as effective for most people.

There is a solution that can help most people prepare for college tests, which is a vocabulary builder. A vocabulary builder, like the QlikLearn one, has been specially designed in order to help you quickly and efficiently build the necessary vocabulary to take tests like the GMAT, SAT, GRE, and TOEFL. No matter what type of college entrance exam it is that you need to take, using a vocabulary builder in order to increase your vocabulary will be time well spent.

The QlikLearn vocabulary builder, for example, has been designed using the latest in technology, in order to help users not only learn a lot of words, but to do so in a short amount of time. The vocabulary builder technology they use is intense, yet effective, and easy enough for anyone to use and benefit from it.

A vocabulary builder is based upon the idea that rather than just seeing words, you need to be able to retain them. The QlikLearn vocabulary builder focuses on helping people to actually learn the words that they are studying, rather than simply memorize them. Retaining the information is essential when trying to use the vocabulary to pass a test, so the method you choose as your vocabulary builder is critical.

Without a doubt, the more words you know, the better off you will be when it comes to taking entrance exams. Your vocabulary is half the battle when it comes to passing a test. Using a vocabulary builder, such as the QlikLearn, will help greatly increase your vocabulary, and you will do it in much less time than you ever thought possible. Plus, you will have retained the words, so you will have access to them when you need it most!
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GRE vocabulary tests #44 (permalink) Sun Feb 26, 2012 22:39 pm   GRE vocabulary tests

thanks for the links :D
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GRE vocabulary tests #45 (permalink) Wed Feb 29, 2012 13:07 pm   GRE vocabulary tests

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Beside Lifestyle Showroom
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