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Native speakers wanted!

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listening exercises
Native speakers wanted! #76 (permalink) Thu Mar 12, 2009 22:55 pm   Native speakers wanted!

Kitosdad wrote:
Jimb0678, it has to be more neutral than American, surely. ( Geordielad ) LOL.

You might be right there. xD

I've recorded a sample and sent it to Torsten, who has kindly put it up in the usual place. Hopefully you'll all be able to understand it.

EDIT: It would seem the recording under my name (James Gilbert) isn't of my voice. Perhaps it's just me...
I'm new here and I like it ;-)

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Native speakers wanted! #77 (permalink) Tue May 12, 2009 12:16 pm   Native speakers wanted!

Hi James,

Thanks a lot for pointing this out -- now you can listen to your sample recording (number 17).


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Torsten Daerr

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Listenings - Brandee #78 (permalink) Sat Sep 12, 2009 12:00 pm   Listenings - Brandee

Hi, I am an ESL teacher and I was listening to a recording made by Brandee - the one with the story of Andrew, the man who never went anywhere without his coat. I noticed that in her recording she made a few errors in reading the words, and I feel it is really important that English learners hear words read correctly: She read the word 'anecdote' as 'antidote', pronounced the River Thames using the 'th' as in 'the' and the 'a' as in 'tame' and read the word 'palpable' as 'palapable' - (a new word in English, perhaps?) I don't mean to be overly critical and if it were just a question of accent I wouldn't have said anything, but these are actual errors in reading and lower the standard of what you offer. I hope this is found to be constructive.
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Native Speakers #79 (permalink) Fri Oct 02, 2009 19:19 pm   Native Speakers


I would like to know if you are still looking for Native speakers of the English language?
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Native speakers wanted! #80 (permalink) Mon Oct 05, 2009 11:12 am   Native speakers wanted!

Yes we are.

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Torsten Daerr

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My recording posted #81 (permalink) Mon Nov 30, 2009 23:01 pm   My recording posted

You'll see my first recording posted at the end of the list here, under the name Scott Jack. I've sent a second to Torsten that should have less background noise that the first.

Please feel free to give your thoughts!
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Native speakers wanted! #82 (permalink) Sun Aug 29, 2010 8:24 am   Native speakers wanted!

Hi Torsten,

I'll send an MP3 in the next couple of days. I'm a native speaker and an ESL teacher at a major Australian university (I'm half British and spend time there also so I would say I have a pretty clear and easy-to-understand accent!).

When do you think you might start the project?

Sarah Norman.
I'm new here and I like it ;-)

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newcomer #83 (permalink) Thu Feb 03, 2011 21:18 pm   newcomer

hi all, i just sent my demo recording yesterday. im realy exited about this. but i registered with the site and i got an email asking what language I want to learn, ive done something wrong. any dab hands with advice for a newcomer would be welcome. hi torsten, i attached the mp3 to an email and sent it, is that what i need to do? are you stiil looking for native speakers?
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Anyone "Linkedin" | Crocodile Dundee was German
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