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OnlineEnglish TOEICŪ Preparation - The New TOEICŪ Training Coach.

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I took the TOEICŪ exam, I don't know what to do with the results... | TOEICŪ vs SATŪ...?
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OnlineEnglish TOEIC Preparation - The New TOEIC Training Coach. #1 (permalink) Mon Nov 03, 2008 9:04 am   OnlineEnglish TOEIC Preparation - The New TOEIC Training Coach.

Again advancing the world of preparation for the TOEIC test and improvement in business English proficiency, OnlineEnglish ( TOEIC Preparation Online have just released the TOEIC Training Coach to its already successful TOEIC preparation website. The training coach is an automatic system that can create focused training plans based upon a person’s ability and performance.

In the words of the creator of OnlineEnglish and the TOEIC Training Coach;

“We wanted to create something different however, not a gimmick, but something that truly offered value in the world of English language training. We needed to break the traditional concept used by so many of an online course consisting of an inflexible set of exercises which a student follows until their membership runs out. We wanted to cater for many other factors such as the ability and the progress of the student, in fact a course that could become for each student, a specific training plan based upon the individual needs of that student. Every student learns differently, every student has different needs, levels and ability, but to cater for this, one would normally have to write a specific course for each type of student. This is when the idea of the Training Coach was conceived.

We have been a TOEIC Test Centre for many years and previous to this one of the largest TOEFL test centers in Germany. During this time we have gained knowledge and experience regarding the TOEIC Test and added this to our competent teaching of the English language and preparing people for the many English tests available. We learn from our students because we believe that in doing so, we advance our own training skills and abilities. Therefore it was very important to us that this very valuable knowledge about teaching English and preparing for the TOEIC Test, so to say, direct from the test sitting and classroom, had to also be included in the training coach.

The Training Coach is based upon focused training and is able to create a unique course dependant upon factors including student’s ability, learning progress, improvement, response to training, initial level and many other things. Based upon the analysis of test results, the Training Coach sets a course for the student to follow adjusting the course as the student learns, filtering weaknesses and adding additional exercises to cater for those weaknesses. Moreover, the Training Coach is fully aware of the membership term of the student and will adjust the course intensity depending on term and time remaining even to the point of making adjustments if a student does not train for a period of time or takes a break in their training.

Additionally, due to the inherent and existing concept of OnlineEnglish, the training plan created by the Training Coach becomes more and more intense as the level of the student advances, in reality, meaning the end of the course is really a matter of how much the student wishes to learn.”

Members of OnlineEnglish can switch between two training methods at will. Members can use the original method where they see their estimated TOEIC Score, strengths and weaknesses and from this decide themselves which exercises they need to do to improve and now they also have the opportunity of using the Training Coach. Even if a student chooses to decide themselves, at any time they can switch to the Training Coach for a second opinion. Naturally all the benefits offered to members of OnlineEnglish are always available, whether they use the new Training Coach or whether they choose to decide themselves.

If you need to prepare for the TOEIC Test, OnlineEnglish offer options from 5 day quick preparation to 12 month business English improvement. Prices start at only 9,- Euro. A very small price to pay for competent training!
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I took the TOEICŪ exam, I don't know what to do with the results... | TOEICŪ vs SATŪ...?
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