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daresay, not "dare say"

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"grap bag" vs "grab bag" | expressionsn vs conditions
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daresay, not "dare say" #1 (permalink) Mon Feb 23, 2009 21:26 pm   daresay, not "dare say"

I daresay there's a mistake on the following page in the first question:

People are supposed to complete the word after "dare". However, I think the words "dare say" are actually one word. I have two reasons to think so:

1. "Daresay" is an entry in my American Heritage College Dictionary.
2. As the dictionary points out, this verb is defective and only exists in the first person singular and the present. In other words, I can't say "He dare say", "He dares say" or "I dared say."

What do you think? If you agree, would it be possible to change the first question on the test?
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daresay, not "dare say" #2 (permalink) Tue Feb 24, 2009 9:57 am   daresay, not "dare say"


I agree it is usually written as one word.

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"grap bag" vs "grab bag" | expressionsn vs conditions
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