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The Creature.

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Sentence: if the pet-sitter is a business life professional who watches people's | The Killer.
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The Creature. #1 (permalink) Fri Aug 14, 2009 14:00 pm   The Creature.

It came in the night, as these things usually do.It came noiselessly as it covered the damp cool grass on it's way to the playground.

Here it would submerge itself in the small pond and await any small child that ventured close enough.

It had already taken a child earlier in the year. There had been a public outcry when it had been discovered that the child was missing, but no-one had connected the disappearance with the small pond in which it lay, buried below the lily-patches.

The sun came out and the water was comfortably warm. It knew instinctively that it should wait until darkness descended before making it's attempt to seize a child.
There were too many attentive humans during the day to take the risk.

The day dragged on, and it could hear the shrieks and laughter from the children playing nearby.
It was confident that some small child would become curious about the pond and that it's chance would come.

As darkness slowly fell many of the children went home with their parents, but the two twins, Jana and Jonas were waiting for their mother to come and collect them.
She had gone to the supermarket, telling them to play with the other children, and that she wouldn't be too long in coming back, but that was ages ago, and now all of the other children had gone home with their parents.

They decided to go and sit by the pond and wait there for their mother.
Jana sat on the small wall that surrounded the pool and Jonas played on the nearby swing.

Through the murky water the thing could see the back of Jana.
At last, an opportunity was presenting itself.
The thing slowly rose to mid-water and silently raised it's head above the surface.
Now it could clearly make-out the form of Jana, and it slowly approached her.

It was now well within striking distance of the little girl and it rose from the water and towered above her.
Jonas looked on petrified at the sight of this huge creature as it manifested itself from the water.

Just at that very moment there was a furious honking of a car horn, and the children's mother drew up in her car.
The creature quickly slid below the surface once again.
Jana ran to the car, and opening the back door she jumped into the car.

Jonas still stood there open-mouthed. His mother shouted at him to get into the car.
Still he stood stock-still.

"If you don't get into the car the creature will get you," his mother laughingly shouted.
Jonas ran to the car, scared out of his wits. He didn't know that his mother knew that there was a monster in the pond.
The car drew slowly away.

The creature settled on the bottom of the pond and went to sleep.
Tomorrow was another day, and there were plenty of children.

It could wait.

Keep it simple ... Keep it interesting.
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The Creature. #2 (permalink) Mon Aug 17, 2009 11:37 am   The Creature.

Oh my God!

I was afraid for Jonas. :)

I'll try to finish. 30 minutes I need as required :)

To be continued...
I'm here quite often ;-)

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The Creature. #3 (permalink) Mon Aug 17, 2009 12:08 pm   The Creature.

Jonas bought an ice –cream for Paula and his wife. On their way to home from park to home his family could enjoy these delicious ice-creams. That moment he heard voice of his wife,Laura “If you don’t take your toys away, the creature will get you”. When he turned , he saw eyes of little Paula , totally seized with fear. She blinked her eyes and when she opened the creature disappeared. In a minute she took away her little shovel and red colored pail trampling down the house she built with her daddy and run away afraid to look back.
Jonas smiled and thought “mothers will never change” and he remembered how this plastic creature frighten him years ago. It became a nightmare for him until he understood that it was just a BIG TOY of the park of carousels.It made him an obedient boy at home for couple of weeks. Now he was watching at his little beautiful Paula and guessing what will happen in next few days when she will protest to eat, when she will become naughty…

I'm here quite often ;-)

Joined: 12 May 2009
Posts: 271
Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

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Sentence: if the pet-sitter is a business life professional who watches people's | The Killer.
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