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The Vase. Part One.

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The Vase. Part One. #1 (permalink) Sat Aug 15, 2009 17:47 pm   The Vase. Part One.

I just knew that we shouldn't have bought that huge vase at the car-boot sale, but my stupid wife would have her own silly way.

We could barely make ends meet as it was,and now, having our son in college, and his constant wanting, wanting, wanting was driving us to distraction.

Of course we were proud of his achievement, but was it our fault if all of his pals had bank managers and stockbrokers for fathers.

We were a poor family with a clever son, as his form master was forever telling us ;
"One of our brightest students is your Nicholas. He'll go far in the world, you mark my words."
I'm sure my wife would have purred had she been a cat.
Sure, I too was proud of him, but I was working all of the hours that God sent just to keep pace with his constantly-changing wants.

Anyway, to get back to the story............. We'd went to a car-boot sale this sunny Sunday afternoon, mainly because there wasn't anything interesting on the telly, and we were walking around all of the stalls, I with no intention of buying anything, and my wife looking for cheap bargains.

I had to grudgingly admit that she had made three or four prudent buys, when we came upon the vase seller.
He was nothing like your usual car-boot seller, he looked more like a wizened gnome to me, and I was all for passing his stall without a glance, but in the centre of his table was a magnificent multi-coloured flower vase which even I found attractive.

"Oh look," gasped my wife, we should buy that vase, it's beautiful."
"If you can get it for twenty pence you can have it," I jokingly replied.
My wife dug me in the ribs and enquired the price of the vase.

"One pound and it's yours my love," said the wizened one.
My wife looked in her purse.
"I've only sixteen shillings left she said, looking at me so very sadly.

Now my pocket-money is mine, and I wasn't going to give her four shillings to buy a vase we didn't need, no matter what.
I shook my head NO! She bent over and whispered in my ear what she would do if I gave her the four shillings she required. I quickly handed her the four shillings.......

The old man smiled and said, "You'll have to sign the receipt for the vase, it's a new car-boot regulation."
No problem. I quickly signed the paper that he proffered and he gave me the copy, which I pushed in my pocket.
For some reason I wanted to get home quickly and claim my four-shilling promise.

My wife put the huge vase under her arm and we were about to walk away, when I turned to see the old man running up the field waving his receipt and laughing like a lunatic. What the hell was all that about?............................................

(To be continued.)


The Vase. Part two.
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The Vase. Part One. #2 (permalink) Mon Aug 17, 2009 12:57 pm   The Vase. Part One.


Please please continue :)

I'm curious, will my fiancee have suach thoughts about me years later when I will buy a vase?! :)

I'm here quite often ;-)

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