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The Vase. Part two.

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The Vase. Part two. #1 (permalink) Mon Aug 17, 2009 13:31 pm   The Vase. Part two.

We left the car-boot sale and headed home. My wife was really thrilled to have gotten such a bargain with her vase that she never stopped talking about what a beautiful addition it would be to the sitting room.
She would put it in the front window so that all of our neighbours could admire it.

Her silly twittering irked me so much that by the time we reached home I was really irritated with her.
It was only a vase after all, and a vase was really the last thing we needed to be spending our money on in my opinion.

We were really snapping at each other by the time we reached home, and I angrily stormed into the house and switched on the TV.
She went into the kitchen, presumably to wash her wonderful new flower vase.

I was startled to hear her cry out in alarm, and even though I was still fuming with her I rushed into the kitchen to see what had disturbed her.
She just stood there open-mouthed looking at me.
She pointed to the vase and I saw two brand-new ten-pound notes lying in the bottom of it.
"When I unwrapped the vase they were just lying there, they must have been in the wrapping paper and the little man hadn't noticed when he wrapped up the vase," she said.
"Well, thank God for small mercies, it will all help towards Nick's schooling fees," I said.

"Trust you to say something stupid like that," my wife replied, and as she did so two one pound coins clanked into the vase!
"What the hell is going on here?" she shrieked.

"Calm down, calm down, something strange is happening and we have to work out what it is you bloody fool," I shouted.
As I said it two more coins clinked into the vase.
We looked at each other in amazement, and then we both started to laugh.
Immediately two coins disappeared from the vase.

So there you have it. We have this vase that pays when we are angry with each other, and takes the money back when we are cheerful.

We now have to devise a method of getting money and not losing it back.
Is this the answer to all of our problems, or the beginning of a nightmare?.

Suddenly I thought back to the little seller and his antics after he had sold us the vase.

I drew the receipt from my pocket and read it out loud, " I Martin Marks accept this vase and all of the problems that accompany it. I swear I will never wilfully damage or destroy it,and accept that I must earn from it two hundred pounds a day or suffer the consequences.
I understand that I may sell this vase for one pound at any time to be free of this commitment."
"Well we can always sell this vase for a pound," my wife said.
"Don't be so sure," I replied. Remember how elated he was after he sold it to us.
Maybe this won't be the bargain we think it is."

(To be continued.)

ps. I hurried this portion just to please you Phoebe.

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The Vase. Part two. #2 (permalink) Mon Aug 17, 2009 14:23 pm   The Vase. Part two.

Very interesting!!

Thank you Kitos!!

Waiting for the continuation ... I'll be able to read it tomorrow in the morning!!

I'm here quite often ;-)

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