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The Ghost in the lane.

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English literature (Daniel Defoe, Salman Rushdie, Truman Capote, Shakespeare, ... | The Window.
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The Ghost in the lane. #1 (permalink) Thu Aug 20, 2009 16:16 pm   The Ghost in the lane.

Ghosts? There's no such thing as ghosts!

Emily smiled to herself as she listened to her friend Norma chatter-on about the film that they had just finished watching on her bedroom TV.
"Well I think you are wrong, in fact I know you are, because there is a ghost who haunts the lane out there," said Emily, indicating the lane outside of her bedroom window.
Her friend Norma wasn't very bright and Emily was sure that she could scare her into staying for the night. She liked Norma staying with her. It was just like having a sister again.
Her own sister Jessica had died two years ago. She'd died from a heart attack in that very lane outside.
Emily had never quite recovered from the death of her sister, so much so that she was allowed to have a private teacher come to teach her every day. She was afraid to leave the house, and her parents were certain that she never would.
Norma was the youngest daughter of the lady who came every day to do the housework in their big house.

"Really, do you think it's true?" said Norma, wide-eyed and a little breathless.

"Yes, I know it's true, because I've seen it. It's a lady in a long nightdress who was killed there many, many years ago. Perhaps it's better if you stay here tonight, it's getting dark now."

"No it isn't true you silly girl, and I don't believe you anyway. No, I have to go home. It's still school for me. I'm not lucky enough to have a private tutor like some people," she said.

Emily didn't like Norma speaking to her like that, after all, her mother was dependant upon her family for a great part of their income. No, she didn't like it one little bit. Perhaps it was time that Norma was taught a lesson.

Emily smiled at Norma and said,"Well, if you must go, then you must, but before you leave call into the kitchen. My mother has made you some little cakes and biscuits to take home."

"OK, said Norma, I'll see you next week at the same time then. Bye," and off she went leaving Emily all alone.
Emily listened intently at the bedroom door, and when she heard Norma in the kitchen she quietly slipped into her mother's bedroom and took her long nightgown.
She hurried down the stairs and quietly out of the front door. She ran halfway up the long lane and hid in the bushes. It really was becoming dark and she shivered whilst she waited for her friend to approach.

After a few minutes she heard Norma's footsteps on the track. She hastily put on the long nightgown, and as Norma neared she stepped out onto the track before her.

Norma stopped in her tracks and gave a short gasp. She fell to her knees and collapsed in a heap.

Emily smiled to herself. That'll teach her a lesson she thought, and hurrying back into the bushes she made her way back home.

Just as she was nearing home she heard her name being called.

She turned, and from behing a large tree stepped her sister, but it wasn't any Jessica that she remembered. This one, although wearing Jessica's clothes, was with only half of a face and only bones for fingers.

She ran as fast as she could, with the ghost repeating her name over and over.
She dashed into the house and ran to her bedroom.
Her mother was listening to television and had not heard her entrance.

Emily washed herself in the bathroom and went to bed, but she was unable to sleep. She could hear her sister calling for her, over and over.

When her mother came to wake her the next morning, she found Emily sat up in bed. Her hair was snow white, and she was unable to speak. The doctor was summoned, and he gave her a strong sedative adding that she must have seen something quite shocking.

As for Norma, she quickly revived and couldn't remember why she had collapsed. She went home and forgot all about the incident.
The next week she went to visit Emily, but she was careful not to talk about ghosts. Her friend had had enough shocks to last her for quite some time.

Jessica couldn't understand why her sister had ran away. She had only wanted to talk to her. It was so lonely here in the lane with only that other lady to talk to.

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English literature (Daniel Defoe, Salman Rushdie, Truman Capote, Shakespeare, ... | The Window.
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