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Idiom explanation

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To form opinions? | Test incompl/elem-186, User's Answer 3
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Idiom explanation #1 (permalink) Fri Sep 17, 2010 20:08 pm   Idiom explanation

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Hi, every body
I would like someone to explain for me this idiom please, “threw a monkey wrench into the construction schedule” I found it in TOFEL Discussion 7 and here it is the conversation.
R: How come? The student body's about the same as last year, I think. Or smaller-- tuition's gone up again and I'll bet some students just couldn't afford it this year, with this slow economy.

T: No, it's because they tore down Dormitory A to put up a new one-- but all they've got is the shell so far. That plumbers and electricians strike this summer sure threw a monkey wrench into the construction schedule. It won't be finished now till the end of December at least.
Another question. At the end of conversation what I understood is that the woman does not want to live outside the compass but the man convinced her that they will share the rent and it will be cheap just like the dormitory and they can conduct parties in their apartment. The woman said let’s keep our eyes open for a place for next year. It means “they are thinking about moving to somewhere close to the compass” The answer should be “Moving” but I found it Registering. And here it is the question
What are the two roommates considering for the future?
(A) Moving
(B) Banking
(C) Separating
(D) Registering

Many thanks
I'm new here and I like it ;-)

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Idiom explanation #2 (permalink) Sat Sep 18, 2010 14:34 pm   Idiom explanation

1-- threw a monkey wrench into = caused something to fail.
2-- Perhaps there's a mistake in the answer sheet.
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To form opinions? | Test incompl/elem-186, User's Answer 3
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