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What do you think of my SATŪ Scores?

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In about a month (May 7) I am going to take the SATs | Tips for the SATŪ?
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What do you think of my SAT Scores? #1 (permalink) Wed Feb 15, 2006 13:22 pm   What do you think of my SAT Scores?

Hello everybody!

My SAT Reasoning Test scores were just released two days ago and I was wondering if they are good enough in order to get a scholarship. I applied to about 10, let's say average universities throughout the US. However, how much of the tuition do you aproximate I could get off?

My Scores are :
Critical Reading : 610 (80% National Percentile)
Math : 690 (92% National Percentile)
Writing : 610 (8 essay)
TOTAL : 1910

Thank you very much in advance!

Hmm #2 (permalink) Wed Apr 05, 2006 15:12 pm   Hmm

Hi. I'm a student in an American school in China. And i'm originally from America. So I'm not completely sure what standards for American schools in the US would be. But I'd think that with a 1900 or so. Depending on a college. If Average is say.. anything in the top.. 100's. I'd say maybe 5k off or so? But that's just me.

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SAT Scores #3 (permalink) Sun Apr 16, 2006 0:57 am   SAT Scores

1910 is actually a VERY high score. Your math score is excellent!! 1000 is about average and 1500 is considered to be a very good score, so 1910 would definately be looked on favorably by a scholarship committee.

Good luck. If you get a couple of schools that really want you, you may want to negotiate if the scholarship is flexible. Sometimes, if a school really wants you, they may be able to work with you to get a better award if they know other schools are pushing to enroll you.
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SAT Scores #4 (permalink) Thu May 18, 2006 23:35 pm   SAT Scores

Nice score my friend. That is very impressive. I expect you guys to be geniuses. Looking around me, I haven't found many. I am very disappointed at my school and surroundings. However, on the internet, especially if you go to a website focused on the SAT, wherein students talk their problems and successes, because they have been worried by the College Board and their future lives, you are sure to find quality, devoted adolescent.
That may seem a weird way to make my first post, but I do appreciate your outstanding score.
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In about a month (May 7) I am going to take the SATs | Tips for the SATŪ?
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