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Crocodile Dundee was German

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Crocodile Dundee was German #1 (permalink) Thu Feb 03, 2011 22:59 pm   Crocodile Dundee was German

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First impressions are often deceptive :-) and what we think and feel about each other depends in large part on what we hear from each other.

Prague May 1996
It was down town old town Prague just a few years before it got silly.(mid 90’s)
Belfast Jamie (AKA James Mulvenna)was sitting in the restaurant of Hotel Prince(or was it u-prince?) – a medium sized 4 star right beside the old town square - best restaurants etc on its doorstep. – Jamie was drinking coffee with his new friend “Crocodile Dundee” just a guy staying at the hotel. Of course this wasn’t his real name – But he wore a Crocodile Dundee type hat and Jamie enjoyed giving complete strangers he had never before names he found appropriate. He had known Dundee 4 days normally meeting him at breakfast and evenings in a single bloke kind of way and had also met him at a nightclub the previous night. - Jamie had a little trouble with Dundee’s thick northern Territories accent and Dundee couldn’t make out bits of Jamie’s Belfast Brogue – But they both shared a rather brash sense of humour and an interest in Czech females - It was just gone 09-00 am when Dundee’s Flip cover Erickson retro brick (which Jamie didn’t even know he had) – sprang to life before being answered obediently… Jamie’s face lit up as Dundee spoke what seemed pretty fluent German to the caller, before eventually clicking off.

Hey! That was pretty dam good man! Jamie exclaimed!
How is Crocodile Dundee able to speak German? Jamie demanded….

Cause I friggin-am-Geermon
ya didin think I was an Aussie mate
Only whendare fir 8 yeers wi BP
I wus borin in Clone(Cologne) mate…….

Jamie just sat staring speechless before laughing hysterically..….
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Native speakers wanted! | First film remote Amazon rainforest tribe
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