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Is the DVD on its way out?

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Is the DVD on its way out? #1 (permalink) Sun Feb 06, 2011 0:05 am   Is the DVD on its way out?

After various battles for supremacy - Blue Ray Versus HD etc could the whole DVD format be on its way out?

My Brother in law recently bought a lap top for my Niece and it came without a DVD drive... I now carry an 8 GIG USB stick as a key ring so I'm guessing DVD is finished as a storage/back-up device.

The massive games market seems to be heading online were you "hire a license"
So what about movies?
Are DVDs heading the same way as CD's and Video cassettes?

then again this was written a while ago now - June 2nd 2008

DVD and download industry disagree on shelf-life of physical media

Adam Hartley reports:

"There are companies now offering 24 megabit download speeds. People hate change, but at iLoaded we understand and embrace the fact that all technologies change. Screen resolution improves, hard drive size gets bigger, screens get larger and feel more ergonomic, download speeds improve, codecs improve daily so you can make larger files smaller and so on," Morris added.

"Movie houses understand that the world of digital is important and they have all set up teams to deal with it, but at the same time they obviously do not want to jeopardise the revenue streams from sales of physical DVDs." (Industry)
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