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talking with tourist

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talking with tourist #1 (permalink) Wed Feb 16, 2011 13:22 pm   talking with tourist

I met some tourist on the road. they want help from me. one of them show me a mobile where a image display -an hotel address. they want to go that hotel. we both are in center of city and the hotel is in suburban area.
is it right conversation.
tourist : how can we go there.
me : you go by bus it is cheper or you use Auto Rickshaw.
tourist : we have not idea about bus number.
me : I also not
tourist : we go by Auto Rickshaw.
me : when you came here. what you use.
tourist : we use tourist bus. so we have not idea about pricing.
( they stop one Auto Rickshaw. we discuss with Rickshaw driver about charging.)
me : you paid him whenever you reach there not frist. you check that hotel and then you paid.

please check this it is right grammer. or if wrong then write new one which i use next time.
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talking with tourist #2 (permalink) Fri Feb 18, 2011 0:32 am   talking with tourist

Tourist: How can we get there?
Me: You can go by bus, which is cheaper, or you can use an auto rickshaw.
Tourist: We don't know which bus number to take.
Me: I don't either, sorry.
Tourist: We'll go by auto rickshaw.
Me: When you came here, what did you use?
Tourist: We used a tour bus, so we have no idea what the fares are.

(They stop an auto rickshaw, and we discuss the fare with the rickshaw driver.)

Me: You pay him at the end of the ride, not at first. Check with the hotel staff and they'll tell you how much to pay him.
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To Drinking and to Drink | man in the street
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