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Materials with advice for practising English

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Stunning Passive Voices | A bad Workman blames his Tools.
listening exercises
Effective English courses #16 (permalink) Wed Feb 01, 2012 0:18 am   Effective English courses

Torsten wrote about : "Some of the ideas outlined in that blog post are very good and I totally agree with them. However, the author is also trying to sell a software program that contains 'lessons'. Looking at the screenshots of the program I can tell that the contents are as boring as most other ESL materials. Also, learning English using a software program you need to install doesn't make much sense. Why use artificial materials when the world is full of authentic resources that are used by native speakers?"

Below are my views on the issue: My extensive exploration and numerous responses from authoritative specialists, teachers and learners of English to me on the issue of the most effective English courses have convinced me that English communicative integrated skills courses are the most effective and the most comprehensive courses. There is no valid reason to reject those acclaimed successfully tested courses worldwide as inferior to software products like of Language Bridge. Arkady Zilberman is in the abject tiny minority of doubters inventing allegedly easier, quicker and more effective language learning methods and products, but the evidence and verified facts are not on his side. Conventional communicative English teaching and learning that include adequate regular long-term practice in listening comprehension and speaking English yield effective results. Lack of such practice in English produces speculations that conventional English learning and teaching methods don't work.
I'm here quite often ;-)

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Helpful information #17 (permalink) Sun Jul 01, 2012 17:53 pm   Helpful information

Hi Torsten,

I read your professional profile and I learned that in the past your English language activity was connected with Ukraine and Russia. I've found some interesting Ukrainian and Russian websites with really good content in English for learners and teachers of English. Maybe you already explored some of them in the past. We could exchange information on this issue since some of those websites have especially useful professional articles in English on learning and teaching various aspects of ESL/EFL and other impressive content. I find the following websites quite useful: (valuable for learning English phrases)
I'm here quite often ;-)

Joined: 10 Nov 2010
Posts: 141

In this story you'll learn everything about the passive voiceEnglish grammar exercises — improve your English knowledge and vocabulary skillsAre you a native speaker of English? Then you should read this!Learn how to explore English words! Subscribe to free email English course
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Stunning Passive Voices | A bad Workman blames his Tools.
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