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Notice: Lambents is a scammer

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Notice: Lambents is a scammer #1 (permalink) Sun Feb 05, 2012 19:35 pm   Notice: Lambents is a scammer

Dear members,

Be careful when you trade with Lambents.

Lambents, whose ID belongs to Diane Kruger, is an acquisitive person trying to coerce people into sending tests to her so that only she can benefit from trading.

She has initially approached me, claiming that she possesses the 2001 AP Macroeconomics exam, but upon inspection it was found out to be the 2005 AP Macroeconomics exam, with a few changes done to it so that it would look like a completely different AP test from a different year.

In order to verify the authenticity of her AP Macroeconomics exam, which was purportedly from 2001, I have asked her to show me the answer key first. I never asked for the entire test. However, she went on to send me the entire test without my approval; the test wasn't asked for. Thus I considered it a donation.

Then she riled over how I "took" her exam, and she has written numerous personal insults both in the email conversations and on forum. She has persistently argued that she deserves my Math IIC exams, none of which are unreleased, but she later went on to argue that she deserves two additional exams, PSAT 2008 Form A and an unreleased Math IIC, with no return whatsoever to my side. Especially, I do not own an unreleased Math IIC exam, so sending her the second exam was beyond my capability. Lastly, readers can see how tenuous and sometimes, how baffling her arguments are by referring to Exhibits A and B.

The document that she gave me, with a few annotations done by me to show the similarity between the two exams, is posted here on Mediafire along with 2005 Macroeconomics exam for reference. Note that whoever was responsible for creating the file slightly modified the original questions, thereby attempting to trick one into believing that the file is from 2001.

2005 AP Macro exam
An AP Macro exam allegedly from 2001; sent by Lambents

Obviously, the College Board wouldn't have recycled something like 20+ questions, because for AP exams, the College Board comes up with fresh material every year. I have tutored AP exams, and I had taken 10 AP exams myself by the time I graduated from high school, and I took note of this fact.

By the way, the following conversation should show, without omission or deception, the entirety of the conversation that took place between Lambents and me.

Exhibit A:
Exhibit B: This only serves to show the time at which the AP Macroeconomics 2001 file was sent.

Best regards, and with the utmost sincerity,
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Notice: Lambents is a scammer #2 (permalink) Sun Feb 05, 2012 20:30 pm   Notice: Lambents is a scammer


Please don't start any more threads on this subject (both of you!).
You don't need to spread your personal grievances all over this forum.
"Inside every old person is a young person wondering what happened."
Terry Pratchett
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Notice: Lambents is a scammer #3 (permalink) Wed Jun 27, 2012 20:38 pm   Notice: Lambents is a scammer

I have dealt with both sellsgis and lambents. Sellsgis was excellent and to be trusted and lambents is a scammer that did not send me what he/she promised and sent me nothing after I sent a very valuable item first. Do not trade with lambents/diane kruger. If you do make sure he/she sends you first. lambents refuses to return me emails or contact me after I send over my end of the bargain.
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