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Question about the TOEICŪ test

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Hi, where to find an IELTS example? | ToeicŪ Listening skill ?
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Question about the TOEIC test #1 (permalink) Fri Mar 02, 2012 15:02 pm   Question about the TOEIC test

Hello everybody,

I'm here because I have a question and maybe someone can answers me.
I'm not looking for a preparation for the TOEIC exam since I passed it around 15 days ago (listening & reading), but I have some questions about it.

I prepared myself with a "test simulator" from Edulang, with 5 practice tests, and I am pretty happy with my results.

I got 980 out of 990.

I passed it to have a proof of my english level on my resume (since I will be starting to look for a job abroad anytime soon) and to see if I could get a good score.
To be honnest, my best score while training was only 925, so I sure was happy when I got my results to the real test.

I know the reading and listening test is the most common one, but would it be good to pass the Writting and Speaking test too? I mean is it something companies are familiar with or would it be a waste of money and time?
Same question goes for TOEFL. I read it's more for academic purposes, no?

More than that, I would like to know if it would be possible to get the solution of the test I passed? I would be curious to see where I did wrong. I would remember my answers probably (I don't need the listening part, I got 495 on it), but I don't know how often the subjects change and if there is any place online where I could get the solution.
I'm just curious about that. I'm really happy with my score, didn't expect so much, but like we say "we all learn from our mistakes", and since I don't know what mines were, I'm not learning anything... :p

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Question about the TOEIC test #2 (permalink) Fri Mar 02, 2012 15:07 pm   Question about the TOEIC test

Hi Sashinco,

ETS doesn't give you access to the answer keys of your tests as well as the answers you gave. As for the writing and speaking tests, I think other skills are more important in the workplace but then again, it depends on what the company you are applying at thinks.

What kind of job are you looking for.

Yes, the TOEFL test is designed for academic purposes.

TOEIC listening, photographs: The sitting room
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Torsten Daerr

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Question about the TOEIC test #3 (permalink) Fri Mar 02, 2012 15:50 pm   Question about the TOEIC test

Well done on your TOEIC test score. Your writing is very "native" to say the least, even with the errors. You must have studied very hard to write with such a native undertone.

Torsten is correct regarding the TOEIC answers.

The solutions to the TOEIC test would not help someone with your English skills to improve. It would be much better to go to a school.

The speaking and writing TOEIC test is growing, so is the 4 skills, but at the moment the most asked for test out of the two is the listening and reading.

I'm here quite often ;-)

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Question about the TOEIC test #4 (permalink) Fri Mar 02, 2012 16:52 pm   Question about the TOEIC test

Thx to both of you for your answers.
And thanks Rob for your compliments.
I know my english isn't perfect, but I still try to improve everyday. If there are some bad errors you want to point out to me, please do so, I can only learn from that!

To be honest I never studied english very hard, but I lived abroad. I studied a year in Japan (speaking more English than Japanese around americans and other foreigners studying there as well, and having classes not only in Japanese but in English too...), was more than 4 months in Mexico (I don't speak Spanish, but my ex-girlfriend was at least as good as I am in English), and now am in Philippines for more than 2 months already, using English everyday.
Before Japan, I could speak English, but definitely not the same way. Being around americans was the best thing that happened to me to improve my English language skills (and to learn some slang too, hehe)

I actually passed the test in Philippines since it was 3 times cheaper than France, and having to speak english everyday is kind of a plus too. Not like I had to switch my mind for the test since I use only written french (to my family and friends online) lately.

I wasn't really considering passing the Writting & Speaking test, but I wanted some advices, so thanks for that.
And for the TOEFL, I heard it was harder and would be nice to have it too, but as you confirmed me, I thought it was for academic purposes too.

I don't really know what kind of job I will apply to, but probably in some economics fields... I have a MBA in International Negotiation, that's why it would be the most relevant choice for me.

So, it's never possible to have the answers of any official TOEIC test then? I mean in Japanese there is something similar, "Nihongo Nouryoku shiken", but it's only once a year, and after the exam, the test is published as a practice test in some books...
Guess that's different with TOEIC then... too bad...
But one thing is sure, I won't be considering going to school again anytime soon... I've spent too many years wandering around university! hehe

Not like I want to complain about my score or my mistakes, of course not, but It was only out of curiosity since I know there was few questions I wasn't sure about and would have liked to try to understand my mistakes.

Anyway, thanks again for the help guys!

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Question about the TOEIC test #5 (permalink) Sat Mar 03, 2012 11:44 am   Question about the TOEIC test

Hi Brice,

Wow, congrats on your high score. You should feel proud about that even if you admit that it came from fun international travelling over "hard work"! I learned French and other languages in very much the same way (living in France while in high school for six months, then a few months in Italy, a year in Mexico and 3 years in China).

Also, it's great to see that Edulang's application was one that you enjoyed using to prepare for the TOEIC. I actually help Edulang with their social media presence and we're always happy to see clients who are satisfied with our product. Thanks for sharing with this community your positive feedback and good luck with the projects ahead. I'm sure that high score will help you get your foot in the door in many places ;-) Cheers, Brad
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Question about the TOEIC test #6 (permalink) Sat Mar 03, 2012 12:18 pm   Question about the TOEIC test

Thx Brad for your answer.
I believe travelling abroad is the best way to learn a language or improve in one, a lot more that just going to (sometimes boring) classes.
Not saying that doesn't help, but that doesn't give you the same immersion... once the class is over, you switch back to your own language, unlike when living abroad.

About edulang, that's the first material I could get my hands on, and I wasn't disappointed.
It was only a 5 practice tests program, but the way the answers are explained really helped me to understand few grammar points I didn't know about or forgot.

Plus, the 5 tests were really diversified and covered probably nearly all the important points needed for the real test. And getting around 900 on each test (I was aiming for more to be honest) kinda motivated me to work a little "harder".
Maybe the practice tests were made a little harder on purpose (For example the reading part had some longer and harder texts, so when I was sitting making my real test, I was surprised...), and I'm definitely glad it paid off! :)

How was your stay in France and Mexico btw? Did you enjoy it? How much french you managed to learn in 6 months actually?

And hopefully you are right, TOEIC will help me open some doors... :)

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Question about the TOEIC test #7 (permalink) Sat Mar 03, 2012 12:29 pm   Question about the TOEIC test

Hey Brice,

Nice to hear back from you. I think we have the VERY, VERY same experience and perspective on language learning, but again, this is not the best for everyone, but probably for more adventurous folks like ourselves. I'm reading a fascinating book called "Babel No More" which talks about the world's most famous polyglots and most of them didn't have an approach to language like our own, though I'll have to admit it certainly is a lot more engaging (and fun) than learning in a classroom.

Glad to hear that you found the 5 Edulang tests diverse. That was certainly one of our goals in producing them. Also, it's nice to know that you found the explanations especially helpful as well.

Loved Mexico. Worked at a spa/retreat/health center in Puerto Vallarta and arrived not speaking a word of Spanish and left fairly fluent. Amazing country. Likewise I've had great experiences in France and am actually now living here (2 years now). High school in the Alps (Gap) for 6 months really was enough to solidify an already well-establish French (I'm a real language geek and invest a lot of time into it).

If you're curious to see, here's a video I did recently for Edulang where I speak in French:

Best of luck to you with the doors that will open... as choosing between them will be the real challenge ;-)

Cheers, Brad
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Great #8 (permalink) Thu Mar 29, 2012 12:34 pm   Great

Please activate Javascript in your browser to listen to this audio recording

 154 Listened
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That is great all.
I want to like you guys
I'm new here and I like it ;-)

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Question about the TOEIC test #9 (permalink) Tue Apr 10, 2012 14:19 pm   Question about the TOEIC test

Hi, I'm Rosario L.

I found very difficult to understand the video I'm very sorry. The last video I listening was from a teacher it was clear and perfect pronunciation. It was very easy to understand, but the one above my message from Hardthink who is an student, or maybe some one else. It was not easy for me to understand. I'm sorry

Thanks anyway
Rosario L.
Rosario L.
I'm here quite often ;-)

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Lol #10 (permalink) Wed Apr 11, 2012 11:40 am   Lol

I'm sorry for my bad english.
I'm new here and I like it ;-)

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Question about the TOEIC test #11 (permalink) Tue Nov 20, 2012 10:23 am   Question about the TOEIC test

Hi friends

I need to speak to Unchan who very successfuly answered the listening questions. I registered for the toefl exam on Jan, but I have sometimes problem answering these questions. Can you please help me for advises?

thanks alot
I'm new here and I like it ;-)

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