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proof reading on Weather. please check. Thanks

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What does the expression "find the way out" mean? | looking up information
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proof reading on Weather. Pls check. Thanks #1 (permalink) Mon May 21, 2012 20:17 pm   proof reading on Weather. please check. Thanks

I write in black letters some words that I am not sure if they are correct.
May I leave the word “the” out? please check my proof reading also.


Winter, spring, summer and autumn are the four seasons of our calendar. Each one
includes three months of the year, and represents the change of the weather during a
period of one year.
The four seasons occurs over around the World, but are more or less extreme between them depend on the latitude of a country.
The weather is bad and strong during winter, because temperatures are lower and usually snows. Furthermore the sun gives light during less hours per day. So winter is cold and dark, especially in northern countries. For example, in Sweden snows every day from December to February, and sometimes people could not go out of their home due to the among of snow in streets. The day has three-four hours of sunlight, and temperatures are lower than twenty degrees. For this reason Swedish people has nice, comfortable and cosy houses. They have to stay long time at home. (at home long time).
The weather improves during the spring, the temperature increases and there are more sunny days than in winter. However many days rain and this water allows trees and plants to grow up (allow to grow up trees and plants). This is very nice in northern countries where trees sleep during winter and flower in March. Cities are full
of flowers and April is like an explosion of colour.
In summer the temperature rises up and hot days are common. From June to August
the sun shines about fifteen hours per day and rains few days. In summer people use
to go to the beach to refresh and to have a sunbath. This is typical in Mediterranean
countries, where the temperature of the seawater increases enough to have a
comfortable bath. During summer, trees are full of fruits and we use them to make
juices or ice creams.
Finally, autumn arrives and the weather worsens again. September is windy, October
is wet and November is cloudy and fresh. Trees lost their leaves and streets seem a
brown blanket.
I'm new here and I like it ;-)

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What does the expression "find the way out" mean? | looking up information
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