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Help each other to learn faster

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Help each other to learn faster #1 (permalink) Thu May 24, 2012 21:41 pm   Help each other to learn faster

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to know how many of you would be willing to help each other to learn faster.
I love English and I'm still learning it after several years.
I use a lot of methods, you know I've bought books, movies, and the Internet was an invaluable source of materials like this facinating website.
Lately I'm trying to read more, but at the same time I download podcasts and listen a lot of English, everyday.
And what I do also, on a daily basis, is to put the material I learn on a computer software, most of you must have heard of it. It's Supermemo, I know there are others, but the thing is that once you have exported the lesson or text or question, or whatever thing you want to learn, the software shows you the information like question and answer flashcards, and all those cards or items you dont know, you asses yourself with a low score and the software will show them again until you know them all.
My question is this:
Since it takes time to export any material, for example a book, or an (I want to do an Idiom book), what if we divide the work of doing just this easy copy and paste work of for example just one chapter each?
I do this on a simple text document. The model would be like this one..

Q: azul
A: blue

Q: It's a piece of cake
A: It means that something is very easy.

As you can see, it easy to export this simple document to SM.
By the way I'm doing the TKT Glossary, on SM so if anyone would like to have this more than 650 words database, just ask for it and I'll post it.
I hope to get some feedback on this.
Be patient if don't replay right away. I do this from a library.
And I would be glad if a good teacher over there can correct my post.
Thank you all.
I'm new here and I like it ;-)

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Chinese Dragon | Two Agents are missing!
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