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filthy; wretched (from squalor); dirty; miserable
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GMAT test: Vocabulary Words: English Adjectives…
GMAT prep test: Word Vocabulary Games: English…
GMAT vocabulary test: Vocabulary Building: English…
GMAT vocab test: Increase Vocabulary: English Verbs
GMAT verbal test: Teachers Games for Vocabulary…
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GMAT verbal preparation: Vocabulary Games: English Noun
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GMAT practice test: Improve Your Vocabulary: Noun…
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GMAT test: Vocabulary Test: Noun Vocabulary List
GMAT preparation test: Vocabulary Exercise: Verb…
GMAT test: Vocabulary Exercises: Adjective Verb…
GMAT verbal preparation: Vocabulary Tests…
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GMAT is an acronym that stands for Graduate Management Admission Test. This examination is used by graduate business colleges and business schools to assess their candidates. If you want to apply for a graduate business management program you have to take the GMAT because admissions officers rely on your GMAT score as a predictor for your first year performance. There are at least one thousand graduate management programs that require you to submit your GMAT score if you want to be admitted.
The GMAT is divided into three sections:
Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) — 2 essays, 30 minutes each
Quantitative — 37 multiple-choice questions, 75 minutes total
Verbal — 41 multiple-choice questions, 75 minutes total
At you will find 280 interactive vocabulary tests that help you prepare for the Verbal section of the GMAT. In addition you can ask questions, get advice or exchange experiences on how to score high marks on the GMAT. You can also make new friends and use additional GMAT resources.

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