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ESL Lesson: Phrasal verb bring (2)

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Phrasal verb bring or "Upbringing"

Vocabulary Explanations

brought up by her mother
reared/educated by her mother

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his business had been brought down
his business had gone bankrupt

criminal charges had been brought against him
he had been faced with criminal charges

bring up this information
reveal this information

Mary would always bring up the rear
Mary would always be there in the background

she decided to bring her daughter on in the art of public speaking
she decided to develop her daughter''s public speaking skills

the awarness brought her up against
the awarness had forced her into being cautious

the whole business had brought shame on the family name
the whole business had dishonoured the family name

bring about a reconciliation
effect a reconciliation

was even bringing round to
was even convincing

bringing off
achieving success

he was able to bring about
he succeeded in (+ing)

which brought about a lively debate
which caused a lively debate

she even brought her mother in on
she even involved her mother

was brought to light
was revealed

Mr Evans was brought before the court
Mr Evans was charged

his political career was brought to an abrupt end
his political career ended precipitately

This news brought out the worst
This news causedthe worst to come out

brought the discussion round to steered the discussion towards

one major paper brought out the details
one major paper published the details

Sheila brought her mother round
Sheila revived her mother

the way you were brought up
the way you were reared

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Author: Alan Townend

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