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Newsletter February 22 - 2002FREE email English course
Dear Friend,

When I got up this morning my mind was in perfect Alpha state. As usual I switched on the TV which is tuned to CNN and I saw a commercial for a new mobile phone. There was a business woman riding on an airport escalator her new cell phone in hand. The woman was talking about ideas, how they emerge, develop and oftentimes disappear to never return again. What do you think was the bottom line of that advert? When the film stopped the following phrase was shown: "It's not how many ideas you have what counts but how many of them you make happen." Isn't there a lot of truth in that statement? What good is an idea or a thought when you don't turn it into action so you can motivate other people to join you in your endeavours? Let's elaborate on that question further when we meet next Wednesday.


Watch out for false friends when you speak English! You don't want to make an idiot (ass is not quite polite enough for this purpose!) of yourself by saying something like: "I'll become a steak." Or: "Yesterday I became a brief from my chef." Can you remember more English/German false friends? What about the following ones? Do you know their German equivalents?

- actual
- eventually
- ordinary
- sympathetic
- preservative
- conductor
- chemist
- physician
- prospect

Of course there more words in both languages with similar meaning than there are false friends but it's important for you to be aware that the latter exist.

Instead of sending you exercises I'd like to ask you to write down everything you remember about PRESENT CONTINUOUS.(in English this is simply the “present tense”) What are keywords related to PRESENT CONTINUOUS? Hint: tense, no equivalent in the German language, etc...
If you like you can also make up some sample sentences in which you use PRESENT CONTINUOUS.

OK, that's it for today, I'm looking forward to seeing you next Wednesday.

Torsten Daerr

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